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Tom Woodward, Alaska Money Coach

You are smart, accomplished and make a good living and yet you struggle to balance your Time, Energy and Money. Do you stress out over money and Debt….....

To the point that you don’t make good decisions or you are continually on edge about your finances?

  • Does your relationship suffer because of your finances?
  • Maybe you would like to save more, have no debt and feel good about how you work with your money?

If so, you are not alone!

Many successful people worry about money and know they need to address their money issues to be truly happy. The good news is, I can guide you through those issues with encouragement and compassion.

Imagine this:

  • Leaving behind beliefs and emotional reactions to money that have hindered you it achieving your goals and living your dreams.
  • Being in control of your finances without feeling stressed out, not regretting spending money and having no debt.
  • Enjoying paying your bills each month and saving money for unexpected expenses, early retirement, a rainy day or a vacation, all without depriving yourself. Feels warm and tingly, right?

Are you ready to feel good about money — and take a healing journey to financial clarity?

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P.S. I will work with you in person at my office or remotely online.